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Having gained mainstream notoriety for its portrayal in countless TV shows, New Jersey’s higher education system is often overlooked. With its large number private and public colleges and universities, New Jersey’s institutions are some of the finest in the country. Princeton University, which is older than the country it resides in, is New Jersey’s most prestigious school as it is a member of the nationally sought after Ivy League. New Jersey is also home to 19 community colleges. Funding for college in New Jersey is a bit easier than most as the state has established many scholarship funds for its students who reside in the state. For those interested in participating in courses online, the vast majority of New Jersey’s schools offer most programs online. The advantages of offering classes online make New Jersey an attractive state to further your education. It is often said that the first step is the most difficult one to take. So begin the process right now by searching for a school that will fit your personal needs.

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